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Auto reply from shared Outlook Email account

Question: I need to send an auto-reply for our generic (shared) email account. It appears I can only use auto-replies for my personal account. I also tried creating a rule but didn’t have any luck with it working.

Answer: The easiest solution is for the owner of that shared account to use Outlook web access (http://owa.unmc.edu) to set up an autoreply. Log into the unmc_domain with your personal username and password. Then click in the upper right corner dropdown next to your name and change to the shared account name. This requires full owner access permissions. (If you don’t have this, it can be requested through the systemaccess@unmc.edu). Selecting this name will change the inbox to that shared account and you can select Options > Set Automatic Replies. Check the appropriate options and include your message, then click Save.

Another advantage accessing shared accounts through OWA, is that any sent mail will appear in that shared account sent folder, not your personal folder (as it does with Outlook client installed).

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