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Shared calendar permissions

Question: Our department master calendar is kept in Outlook.  All the faculty have access to look at it.  They would like for the students to have access to look at it too (but NOT edit) but the system will not let me give them access.  The message says that the students are outside of our system.  Is there any way to let them look at the actual calendar rather than having to make a .pdf of it and post it to blackboard?  The schedule changes practically daily.

Answer: I would recommend changing the Default permissions to Reviewer, so that anyone can see the events but are not able to edit or add anything. I have this for our CSTTRAIN calendar. However, anyone can see it, so you are not limiting to just faculty or students. But those who are not interested probably wouldn’t be looking for it. In order to give permissions to just specific faculty and students, you would have to add them one by one.

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