Pie chart series labels from non-contiguous data

Question: I have a pie chart  that is plotting correctly, but the labels of the legends are incorrect. My chart data is not in simple columns and rows, but rather selected cells within the data. I have tried changing many options but can’t seem to get the labels to display correctly. I would like to create the chart from this spreadsheet so I don’t have to re-enter my data in contiguous columns and rows.

Answer: In looking at the spreadsheet, I first looked at the chart data (Chart Design tab and Select Data) and tried changing the Legend Entries (series), by clicking on the cells in the data. When I changed it, the chart label changed on just one label. I tried switching Row/Column, which did not work either. So I created another table referencing the cells used in the chart so that it was in contiguous rows and columns. I added data labels (from the Layout tab) selecting best fit. Doing this, the chart labels were correct and the legend was correct. Even though this solved the problem, we were still puzzled how to do this with non-contiguous data. So in looking at the contiguous chart data that was plotted correctly, we discovered that we needed to delete the series 2, 3 and 4 from the Legend Entries, leaving only series 1, and edit the” horizontal category axis labels” section from the Select Data options for that remaining series, by selecting the non-contiguous cells (holding down the Ctrl key).

So many times we spend a lot of time struggling with a problem but could be more productive by taking a break from the problem by taking a short walk, or trying an easier (workaround), or getting another point of view. I often find solutions or clues by “googling” my questions.

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