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Uploading PowerPoint handouts into Blackboard

Question: Can you tell me how to upload a PowerPoint handout, 2 slides per page, onto Blackboard.

Answer: In order to save a PowerPoint handout with two or more slides per page you must save it to a file as a handout. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro (or a Mac)

  1. From File > Print, select Settings and change the slide options to handouts and select the number desired.
  2. Change the printer to Adobe PDF. This will create a file you can upload to Blackboard.

If you don’t have Adobe PDF or a Mac, you can create handouts in Word,  Go to File > Save and Send > Create Handouts (File > Export in PowerPoint 2013), and select a style and click OK. Word will open in a table format with your slides and any other formatting you selected. You now have a Word document which you can upload to Blackboard.

I would highly recommend creating handouts in Word, especially if you have used the Notes feature, as you can include those with your slides. From Word you can convert documents to PDF format from File > Save and Send > Create PDF or XPS file. Converting to PDF will reduce the file size considerably.

Before uploading to Blackboard, you should “zip” your file. From Windows Explorer, right click on the file you wish to zip and select Send To > Compressed Zip Folder.

To upload in Blackboard, follow the instructions described here or create content in a course including zipped files. For other Blackboard help resources, click here.

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