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UNMC Email on iPad is no longer synched

Question: Why did my email stop working on my iPad and how can I get it working again?

Answer: There are several troubleshooting suggestions you can try:

  1. UNMC email only allows 2 mobile devices, so if you have two items already (a cell and tablet) you will have to delete one of those devices by going to Outlook web access (OWA) options > phone.
  2. If that is not the problem, try deleting UNMC setup and re-adding it by following the instructions here.
  3. Try shutting your phone off completely and restarting it.
  4. In this case, we had to disconnect and delete the TK-421 network wireless setup and set it up again (according to these directions), and voila! It worked!

We aren’t sure why issues like this happen. For more information, please contact the ITS Helpdesk (402-559-7700 or helpdesk@unmc.edu)


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