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Create calendar entry from Outlook email

Question:  If a message is received in Outlook with information for a meeting time, location, date, subject, is it possible to convert or transfer all of the meeting information to the Outlook Calendar without entering it manually?

Answer: If you have you are using Outlook 2010, you can drag and drop the message to the calendar on the To Do bar (if it is displayed on your mail screen). You can change the calendar to the correct month and drag to the day, then all you would need to do is change the time but the subject will be the subject of the message and the contents of the message will be in the description of the calendar entry.

You can also drag and drop the message to the Calendar icon (at the bottom) of the window but then you need to change the date too. You can also right click on the message and select Move To and then select your calendar folder. If you select Copy, it will retain the message in your inbox, otherwise Move will delete it from the inbox. But you still have to add the information, but at least you have the contents in the description where you can to see and copy and paste.

Unfortunately, I have been testing Outlook 2013 and that drag and drop feature to the To Do bar was removed, which annoys me greatly, as I loved that feature. We are not yet promoting moving to Office 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Create calendar entry from Outlook email

  • This is still possible in Outlook 2013, but in a slightly weird way.

    Add the email to your to-do bar (as a task). Then go to Calendar, View Menu, To-Do Bar – check on Tasks. This will make Tasks visible on the right. Then drag the “task” to your Calendar. This video might be helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcrshMXC5ZM

    Another, probably easier way, is to simply drag & drop the email on the word Calendar at the bottom of your Outlook window to instantly create a new appointment. The message text will become the body of your new appointment. All you need to do then is to set it to appropriate date & time for this new appointment.