Calendar Permissions

Question: Why can someone see my calendar entries when I didn’t give them permission? I have only given a few people permission to edit my calendar.

Answer: More than likely you have inadvertently given access to everyone to view or edit your calendar. To check this from the calendar view, right click on your calendar and click Properties> Permissions (or click Calendar Permissions in the ribbon). You will see Default listed first, followed by those you gave permissions. Default is what anyone in the global address book can see. If  Default lists something other than Free/Busy time, you probably accidentally selected permissions when having Default selected. To change permissions, click the name (or Default) and click the permission level desired (normally it is Free/Busy time for Default). Free/busy is convenient for scheduling meetings and finding freetime of people across campus without allowing others to see your entries. You can also customize permissions by selecting various options in the Read, Write, Delete Items and Other categories.

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