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Word Mail Merge from Excel "workaround"

Question: I’m having problems using a file from Excel to merge into a Word Letter. I am able to select the Excel file as the data source, but when I select the table nothing displayed and an error said “unable to open the data source.” The Excel file was created by someone who is no longer here, so I don’t know if there was any kind of protection preventing this, but we are able to go in and edit the file.

Answer: This is a mystery. After looking at the file, I noticed there were several blank rows, but those would normally merge as blank records. I tried copying the data to another worksheet within the workbook and saved the file. Then closed the file (the Excel Worksheets needs to be closed to allow the merge) and then selected the new worksheet, and the merge worked fine. I wasn’t able to see any protection on the original worksheet, but copying the data to a new worksheet was a way of working around the problem.

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