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Copying Outlook Groups to Excel lists

Question: I frequently need to send a list of names from a group to Excel. I’m not able to copy and paste directly from the group into Excel. I also tried exporting but all that transfers is the group name. I used to do this all the time with Lotus Notes, but Outlook is driving me crazy on this.

Answer: The procedure outlined below is the easiest way I have found:

  1. From the Contacts view, click to select the group, then select File > Save As and from the File Type drop-down arrow, select RTF format and save it with a name and in a location that you can find easily.
  2. Open that file in Word. The group will probably display in a list with names and email addresses separated with semicolons or tabs.
  3. Select the data and convert it to a table – Insert > Table > Text to Table.
  4. Sometimes selecting the default options works fine, or you may have to modify the columns and delimiter, such as “tabs” to get the names and email addresses to appear in separate columns.
  5. Select and copy (CTRL C) the table (or columns desired) and paste (CTRL V) into an Excel worksheet.

NOTE: You can also “Save as” a text ( .txt) file and open in Excel, then use the Data > Text to columns feature in Excel. But I found the RFT into Word worked better.

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