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Word Mail Merge to Outlook

Question:  I would like to create a mail merge to Outlook email so that I can customize the content based on various fields of information. I appeared to follow the steps correctly but no messages were sent? Is this feature disabled at UNMC?

Answer: I had the same problem when I tried merging to Outlook. After much searching on the web, I discovered the problem seems to stem from your computer workstation not understanding that Outlook is your default mail program. Even if you have set your default programs in the Computer Control Panel, it may not be correct in your regedit.exe file. You can change this file (follow steps carefully or have a workstation or Helpdesk staff assist):

  1. Click on Start (or Windows button) in lower left of workstation desktop and in the search area type “regedit.exe”
  2. Browse to HKEY-LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Clients and click on Mail
  3. Check what appears in the right pane. It should read: (Default)   REG_SZ  Microsoft Outlook
  4. If Microsoft Outlook does not appear, right click on (Default) and click on Modify and in the value data box, type Microsoft Outlook
  5. Restart Word and you should now be able to use the Mail Merge to Email feature successfully.

If you have questions, please contact klaursen@unmc.edu or helpdesk@unmc.edu.


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