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Deleting Recent (Suggested) Contacts in Outlook

Question: When I start typing a name I like the auto complete finds a name I’ve recently corresponded with. However, I have an incorrect address and would like to delete it? In Lotus Notes I could just go in and delete them from the Recent Contacts in the Contact view. But I don’t even know where to find them in Outlook

Answer: In Outlook you should see “Suggested Contacts” (which would be the same as recent contacts) in your Contact view, but in some cases I have heard that people don’t have that option. Even if you do, I have found that the “incorrect” name may not be listed to delete.

So, the better option is actually very easy. When you start typing the name and the “suggested” name automatically pops up, press the x to delete the name if you’re in Outlook 2010. Or just press the delete key on the keyboard. On the Mac, you may need to hold the function key with Delete. Thereafter name should no longer pop up.


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