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Custom Calendar Entries in Outlook

Question: I would like to create a custom recurring calendar entry, but Outlook doesn’t allow this like Lotus Notes did. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier than having to create separate entries?

Answer: We former Lotus Notes users miss that feature and are hoping Microsoft will address that in a future release. Below is what I do to save time rather than creating separate entries:

  1. Create the entry with any invitees or information in the body of the entry and save and close the entry.
  2. Go to the day view of the calendar and press your control key and using the small calendar in the upper left of the screen, move to the next date and click, select the next date and click and continue until you have all of the dates select.
  3. Those days will appear in the calendar view. Your original entry will be listed on the first day. Press the control key on the keyboard while dragging that entry to the other days. This will copy that entry to those days.
  4. Unfortunately, if you need to make a change to all of these entries in the series or delete it, you would have to edit each one separately and make the change, since they are not “connected” to each other like they would be in a true series.


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