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Merging names onto Table Tents in Word

Question: Is there a way to set up a template in Word so that we can print name tents  using a mail merge?  We haven’t been able to find a way to create an upside down image in the top half of the Word doc. so that we can do a mail merge and have info be filled in on both locations.

Answer: Tricky question! Only images (including WordArt) can be rotated 180 degrees in Word, but text can only be rotated sideways, so many people use WordArt to create table tents in Word. Or they create a text box in PowerPoint and then save that image as a graphic, and insert that image into Word and rotate upside down in Word. However that will not allow you to perform a mail merge.

Therefore, I would suggest you create table tents using a template you can download from Microsoft (File > New > and search for “Table Tents.” Basically it is in a two column/one row table with the text rotated 90 degrees. You can then set up a document with mail merge codes in the cell (appears in regular direction) into a directory format type. I even tried adding a graphic to the cell and rotated with 90 degrees and it merged properly.

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