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Scientific Posters

I have to create a poster for a national meeting. I have a sample poster from a previous poster provided by a company that I would like to use. How do I change the colors to match the template?

First of all, all posters representing UNMC should use the UNMC Branding templates or at least the elements (UNMC logos, wordmark, colors, fonts, etc). This is to provide a consistent look for all UNMC publications and posters. Below are links to the UNMC branding information.

The easiest way to make sure you have the correct branding elements/colors is to download the template and simply replace the text from the UNMC template and save with a different name. Otherwise if using Microsoft applications, you can right click on the various text boxes or background and select Format and click Colors and click the Custom tab to enter the UNMC CMYK color codes. If you are not able to select the color formatting, you may need to go to View > Slide master and right click on the sections to get the color formatting options.

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