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Problems with Outlook? Try closing and restarting Outlook.

We often get questions about something not working as it is supposed to with Microsoft Outlook. These often deal with working with shared calendars. After researching and applying several solutions, we often discover the best solution to try is to close and restart Outlook. Below are a series of steps to try when troubleshooting Outlook.

  1. Close and reopen Outlook
  2. Check Outlook on the web to see if you have the same issue. This will determine if it is a workstation problem or Outlook or server issue.
  3. If Outlook web works correctly, sometimes rebooting your computer fixes the problem. 
  4. Check Outlook options to see if features are enabled/disabled
  5. In a few cases it has required reconfiguring your Outlook profile (call the ITS Helpdesk 402-559-7700 for that). 
  6. We often “google” problems and come up with similar problems and find solutions that way also.
  7. We also try to post questions and answers on our LearnIT blog, so don’t forget to search our blog for solutions.

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