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Outlook Clean Up

Question: Now that Lotus Notes is gone, how can I avoid accumulating too many messages in Outlook?

 Answer: There are a few things you can do to save space in Outlook:

  • Check your mail size regularly. One way using Outlook 2011, 2010 or 2007 is to right click on your mailbox folder and select Properties > Folder size. You can also go to File > Info> Mailbox Cleanup. (in 2007 select Tools > Mailbox Cleanup and click View Mail Size and in OWA you can simply hover over your name in the navigation pane and pause a couple of seconds and see your mailbox size.
  • Drag and Drop - When using Outlook client, drag emails and/or attachments into computer folders on your computer and delete the message or attachments if you no longer need them in your mail. Doing this saves room but it does require that you have Outlook client to open the message. This will not work with Outlook Web (OWA).
  • Use conversations group view. Emails with the same subject are grouped together. If you no longer need that conversation, you can click on the heading of that conversation to delete all messages at once. You can also select messages from the conversation to “drag and drop” to your computer folder before deleting.
  • ——- In 2010, go to View and check Show as Conversations
  • ——- In 2007 select View > Arrange by Conversations
  • ——- In OWA select View > Use Conversations
  • ——- In 2011 for the Mac, select the Organize tab and click Conversations button on the ribbon.
  • Here is a link which explains the conversation view well – http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/msoffice/outlooks-conversation-settings-lead-to-a-more-efficient-inbox/8213?tag=nl.e056 
  • Convert emails to PDF
  • —–If you have Outlook 2007, you can convert to PDF using Acrobat 9 or later. Select the messages you wish to convert and click the Adobe PDF tab > Convert selected message (or convert selected folders)
  • —–If you have Outlook 2010, you can must have Acrobat X or later to convert to PDF. Then you will select the Adobe PDF tab and convert messages or folder to PDF.
  • —–In Outlook 2011, you can Print > PDF > Select “Attach PDF to new Outlook message”
  • —–If using Outlook Web, you can open an message and Print to PDF
  • Block junk mail and delete the junk mail folder
  • Most importantly, be diligent about deleting emails you don’t need.

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