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Prompt to Save in Outlook?

Question: Is there a way to prompt to save in Outlook rather than having to go to delete from your Sent Mail constantly?

Answer: Outlook doesn’t include that feature, however you can add a “Do not save” checkbox to your quick access toolbar.

  1. To create this, from within a new email message, go to Options and click Save Sent Item and right click on “Do not Save” and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar.”
  2. That icon will now be available as a quick click from the Quick Access toolbar at the top of the Outlook message window. See screen instructions here -
  3. One problem, however, is you can’t “uncheck” the option from the quick access toolbar once you check it …however you can remove the check (and save the message) by going to options > Save Sent Items and select another folder or Use default folder.

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