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Excel add-ins and online tools for charting

I wanted to share some excellent tools that I’ve recently learned about. One is a free statistical analysis add-in program for Excel. Greg McFadden from Internal Medicine shared his knowledge with us in a mini-session a couple of weeks ago. To use this add-in:

  1. Select Excel Options (available from the Office button in Excel 2007 or File menu in Excel 2010).
  2. Click Add-ins and select Go (toward bottom of add-ins window)
  3. Place a check on the Analysis ToolPak and click OK. You may get a prompt asking to install it, and you may need the installation disk (although I didn’t with Excel 2010).
  4. After it has been installed, the analysis features are available on the far right of the Data tab. Some of the analysis tools available are: anova, correlation, covariance, descriptive stats (wonderful), F-test, histogram, fourier analysis, regression and more.

This┬ásite recently came to my attention from Teri Hartman, from McGoogan Library. Here you will find described a number of on-line programs that can be used to create charts and graphs of all types, including drawing tools, mind mapping, flow charts, organizational charts, iPhone chart application and more! I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I can’t wait to try out the mind mapping tools!

Thanks Greg and Teri for sharing your great finds!

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