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Question of the week of 4/18/11 – OneNote

Question: Someone recently suggested that I use OneNote to keep my projects, notes, etc. organized. Do you have classes on this?

Answer: We will be offering another OneNote session on May 25 from 2-4 p.m.

Even though OneNote has been available for several versions, not a lot of people use it. But it seems to have a number of great features:

  1. You can type notes, copy and paste images, audio, video,¬†draw diagrams, copy and paste information from web pages, and keep them in Notebooks which you can access from your computer, a network or Microsoft’s Skydrive (Version 2010). You can set these up so others can access as well.
  2. You can send pages from OneNote to Word, Email and other applications.
  3. You can tag notes and create summary lists
  4. You can add sticky notes very easily by clicking Windows button+N

To find out more about using OneNote, go to http://office.microsoft.com/training and select the OneNote version you own and go through the tutorials. Be sure to download the practice exercises, as there are is a OneNote guide to features found in the practice file.

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