GSA Meeting                 080613       5:30PM       DRC II 1002



#1) Grad Council Report (Duy)

  1. Strategic Planning Committee
  2. NU Courses GPA Calculation



A)       There were two graduate council meetings in which implementation of a set of standardized guidelines for all the graduate students were discussed. Three recommendations were made:

  1. Students will be required to have their graduate committee, program of study and official thesis advisor decided prior to the end of their first year after being admitted into the graduate program.
  2. Graduate students will now be required to submit a Annual progress report along with their Portfolio.
  3. All students would be required to complete a Individualized Development Plan (IDP). There will be further deliberations as to when would the student be required to complete this.

In the second council meeting the need to design online learning modules was discussed. These online learning modules will allow for students to view lecture material prior to class and the classroom time could be better utilized for group learning.


B) The GPA for all the courses taken by a student at different institutions under the University of Nebraska umbrella  (eg courses take at UNMC and UNO) will be taken into account while calculating the final GPA.


#2) Orientations (Aditya, Duy, Heather)

  1. International Student (081313-081613)
  2. Matriculation Ceremony (082113)
  3. Graduate Student (082213)



A)  The graduate student orientation is scheduled on August 13-August 16. The orientation is scheduled at different locations on campus to help the new incoming students get acquainted with the UNMC campus. UNMC will provide for transportation to the SSN office for new incoming international graduate students. The UNMC surplus sale for furniture will be scheduled in the first week of September. B) Matriculation ceremony is scheduled for August 21st from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm 

C) All speakers have confirmed their attendance and the agenda has been finalized. The orientation will occur August 22nd from 8:30AM – Noon. Executive board will join students for lunch at the organizational fair to help direct them to their organizations of interest and get to know students better rather than having a booth at the fair.

#3) Finalize Activities (Hollie, Yinnong, Aditya)

  1. Welcome Back BBQ
  2. Halloween Havoc
  3. International Student Updates
  4. Community / Outreach Efforts
  5. Calendar of Informal Activities (Gmail)


A) Welcome back BBQ is scheduled on August 26th form 11 am to 1 pm in the open area in from of DRC. The flyer for the event was approved. A motion was passed to have the executive members involved in planning the GSA event design the flyer for the event and have it approved by all the GSA officers. B) The date for Halloween havoc for 2013 is tentatively scheduled for November 2nd. A more accurate date for the Halloween havoc will be finalized after the dates for the Senate Road Rally are confirmed. C)    International Student officer Aditya Bade presented the updates for the activities planned on the UNMC campus for the Fall 2013.1. UNMC will host a “International Week” for celebrating the diversity and increasing the international student interaction on the UNMC campus. This event is tentatively scheduled in November. During this week students will have the opportunity to take part in photo contest, play sports (table tennis), cultural dress day and enjoy tea with their peers. D) A suggestion was brought forth by GSA President Duy Ha to involve GSA at UNMC with a few community outreach events like a food drive.


E) Deferred until next meeting


#4) Discuss and Finalize Seminars (Ariel)

  1. Health Insurance Forum
  2. Library Resource Seminar
  3. Voting for Seminars / Activities


A) GSA Treasurer Ariel metioned that the Health Insurance forum is scheduled for August 27th. Pizza from Papa Johns will be provided for this event.  B) Library resource seminar will be tentatively scheduled to be hosted in October/November C) Deferred until next meeting 
#5)  GSA Blog, Academics (Prathamesh)

  1. Major Updates on Blog – Flickr
  2. Sections of Blog to Expand
  3. Course Handbook / Bulletin



A) Given the limited capabilities of the current blog for sharing or posting pictures of GSA events GSA secretary Prathamesh Patil has set up a Flickr account for the GSA to post pictures from the GSA events. The links to the pictures will be posted on the GSA blog allowing students access to only view the pictures from the GSA event. B) A webpage for helpful links, important dates and deadlines for the incoming graduate students will be posted on the GSA Blog.C) GSA will work on designing a course handbook which will have brief information regarding the content and topics covered in the courses offered at UNMC. This will aid the incoming and current students in picking the right courses.
#6) New Initiatives

  1. GSA Meeting/Email Changes (Format?)
  2. Creating Presidential Committee (Goal?)
  3. GSA Alumni Chair vs. Committee Rep
  4. Team Up! Librarian Program


A) The GSA meting timings will be moved to afternoons during lunch hours. B) The presidential committee will be named the “GSA Strategic Planning Committee” and will comprise of Graduate Senators, postdocs, graduate student leaders, and advising faculty. The goal is to help align our long term plans with that of Graduate Council and UNMC overall as well as advocate for changes that will better the experience of students. C) A vote decided that we would start with a committee rep that works with Prathamesh and then possibly try to develop it into Alumni/Outreach Chair with additions to our constitution.


D) GSA President Duy Ha brought forth a suggestion to have the new incoming graduate students be paired up with librarian. The purpose of this initiative is to aid the graduate students get acquainted to the resources available to them for literature search.


#7) Miscellaneous / Brainstorming

  1. Career Fair Updates
  2. Progress on Sodexo 10% Discount
  3. How to Record/Upload Seminars
  4. Ideas for Recruiting for Committees
  5. Ordering Food / DropBox Access

F.      Security Liaison Update

A)  Students from UNMC, UNL, UNO have decided to move the career fair to Spring 2014. Marcia Beer from Accounting department will help setup the bank account for the Career Fair.-The IT department at UNMC will help create a webpage for registration.-The application packet for the career fair will include the contact information of all the   students and employers who registered for the career fair. This will help the students know ahead of time about the representatives from the industry/academic institutions who will be attending the career fair. B) Heather will contact Student Senate Vice President Caroline Jamison to arrange a meeting to further discuss this and updates will be given at a future meeting 

C) Prathamesh will look into the process and create detailed instructions that will be passed on to future boards


D) Detailed discussion deferred to next executive meeting


E) All the executive members signed up ordering pizza for the upcoming GSA meetings.


F) The security liaison Krupa Savalia mentioned that the UNMC security would host a Campus Security Week. The campus security will also be working on sending out campus security alerts to mobile devices as additional tool complementing the email security alerts.




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