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Dr. Stoddard Accepts Position at Emory University

The Dean’s Business Office regrets to announce that Hugh Stoddard, M.Ed., Ph.D., will leave UNMC in early January.  He and his family will relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, where he’ll join the College of Medicine at Emory University as the Assistant Dean for Medical Education.  He’ll focus on educational research in his new role.

Dr. Stoddard currently serves UNMC as the Assistant Dean for Medical Education and Director of the Curriculum and Educational Research Office.  He has played an active role in overseeing the undergraduate medical education program since he joined UNMC in 2004.  His contributions include but are not limited to: data analysis, curriculum development and management, and coordination of the LCME accreditation process.

Dr. Gerald Moore, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, commented, “Dr. Stoddard has made a positive impact on UNMC during his tenure here.  His expertise and dedication to the college’s mission will be missed.”

A farewell reception honoring Dr. Stoddard will be held on the afternoon of January 3, 2013.  Details to be announced at a later date.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Stoddard Accepts Position at Emory University

  • Dr. Stoddard has been a great champion of medical education and has raised the level of enthusiasm and educational scholarship across this campus. He will be missed but I wish him well on his next position in Atlanta!

  • Dr. Stoddard has carried the flag of Evidence-Based Education at UNMC, and his work has expanded the campus educational spectrum. Experts (like physicians) are rarely effective teachers, and people like Dr. Stoddard make UNMC a true educational enterprise. His contributions to the Curriculum Committee will be irreplaceable. He will be missed but we wish him all the best !