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Blackboard Question Types: Hot Spot

Most faculty members are familiar with using multiple choice questions in computer-based exams via Blackboard.  Blackboard offers a variety of question formats in addition to traditional question formats.  In the coming months, we’ll feature some of the less-common question types Blackboard makes available to you.

Hot Spot

A Hot Spot question asks the test-taker to click on an area of a graphic image.  The instructor provides a prompt and the image file before identifying coordinates in that image that are considered correct.


  • allows instructors to move away from using images with leaders and letters (therefore eliminating student error in recording responses)
  • highly-sensitive coordinates
  • use images, diagrams, charts, histological sections, radiographs, EKGs
  • allows three file types:  .jpg, .gif, and .png


  • only one area of the image can be identified as correct (may be problematic in an image where more than one area of the image could be correct)

In this example, the test-taker is asked to click on the area of map in response to the prompt.Shown below is an example of a correct response.  The student’s response is the bulls-eye inside the red square.  Because the student’s response is inside the yellow correct coordinates (entered by the instructor), the student would receive credit for answering this question correctly.

Click here to view an instructional video produced by Blackboard, Inc.

Use the comments section below to share your ideas for how other UNMC Faculty could incorporate Hot Spot questions into Blackboard examinations.

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