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EMET Highlight: Underserved Health Care

Enhanced Medical Education Tracks are in-depth areas of study developed to enhance the required medical school curriculum.  The tracks are challenging and address specific topics in more detail than what is provided during the required curriculum.

The Underserved Health Care track aims to enhance students’ competency in providing healthcare to underserved populations.  Students in this track will acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively provide health care to this population by exploring their personal attitudes and motivation for caring for the underserved, utilizing community resources to provide comprehensive care, addressing challenges specific to this population, and by developing the competencies to become an effective social and political advocate for their special needs.

Students participating in this track will attend monthly seminars and attend learning and serving activities such as: caring for patients in homeless clinics and shelters, participating in primary care block experiences in underserved sites, and engaging in international elective experiences.

Lastly, students participating in this track will complete “The Underserved Project.”  It includes a literature review on a topic, assessment of current needs, implementation of an intervention, and an evaluation of the success of the intervention.

For more information contact the Track Directors, Jim

Medder, MD, MPH, or Ruth Margalit, MD, or visit:


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