Office of Medical Education

Educational Support Grants Awarded

The Curriculum and Educational Research Office and the Educational Support Office are pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Educational Support Grant.  The grant is made available to College of Medicine faculty to support innovative educational programs and for the purchase of educational technology.

Amber Donnelly, PhD,  Associate Professor and Director, Division of Cytotechnology will purchase computers for the viewing of over 1500 slides.  Images will be available to students for practice and training and for use in the evaluation of students.

Linda Fell, MS, Associate Professor and Director, Clinical Laboratory Science, and Ulrike Otten, Instructor, Clinical Laboratory Science, plan to purchase updated pipette equipment that better reflects best practices in medical laboratory science.

Grace Johnson, DPT, Assistant Professor in the Division of Physical Therapy Education, was awarded monies for the purchase of a physical therapy treatment table with a unique five-piece top and elevating center section.  It will be used to demonstration patient positioning, patient examination, and manual physical therapy techniques.

Carol Lomneth, PhD, Associate Professor, and Sarah Keim, PhD, Assistant Professor, both in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy, will use monies to videotape surface anatomy curriculum in a consistent, high quality environment.  These videos will be available to students for review and study.

Kim Michael, MA, Assistant Professor, and Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, will purchase lightly embalmed cadavers and equipment for  enhanced renal biopsy training.

Stan Radio, MD, Professor, School of Medicine, and Medical Director, Division of Cytotechnology, plans to use monies to convert slides to the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) format for development of  educational modules to be used in multiple disciplines.

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