Match Day 2012

One  hundred fourteen fourth-year medical students discovered their fate on Friday, March 16, 2012, at the annual Match Day ceremony.  Family and friends looked on as each member of the College of Medicine’s senior class revealed in random fashion where he or she would spend the next few years completing residency training.

Forty-nine students, 43% of the class, will stay in Nebraska.  Forty-five of those students will complete their first year of residency at UNMC; two at Creighton University and its affiliates; and two with the Lincoln Medical Education Partnership.

Neighboring states were well represented: Colorado, 4; Iowa, 4; Kansas, 5; Missouri, 4; and South Dakota, 4.  The remainder of the class will sprawl across the nation in states such as Arizona, California, Tennessee, Washington, and the District of Columbia

Sixty-six students, 58% of the class, will complete their first year training in Primary Care.  Internal Medicine programs accepted 22 UNMC students.

Photos, highlights, and a complete list of where each member of the Class of 2012 will do their residencies can be found here.

Wendy Grant, MD, Named Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Wendy Grant, MD, was recently named the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

She’ll work with Dr. Jeff Hill, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, and Dr. Jeffrey Harrison, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, to counsel students, monitor student progress, and assist with the creation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation for senior students.

Dr. Grant joined UNMC in 2002 and serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery.


EMET Highlight: Preventive Medicine

Enhanced Medical Education Tracks are in-depth areas of study developed to enhance the required medical school curriculum.  The tracks are challenging and address specific topics in more detail than what is provided during the required curriculum.

The goal of the Preventive Medicine track is to develop skills in providing preventive care to the individual and to a population.  Specifically, students will work to perform prevention-focused clinical skills, identify risk factors and interventions for clinical preventive services, and effectively use resources related to prevention and public health.

Specific activities where students will hone these skills include clinics and seminars, a summer course in clinical preventive medicine, electives in preventive medicine and public health, and a project that includes extensive research and consideration of a specific topic in preventive medicine.

For more information contact the Track Director, Jim Medder, MD, MPH, or visit: