Emergency Medicine

3rd year EM resident’s article published in this month’s “EM Resident” publication!

Check out the very ‘cool’ (har-dee-har) article on hypothermia written by 3rd year UNMC EM resident, Dr Nick Daniel for this month’s edition of EMRA’s publication, “EM Resident”. (click on the link below to open the .pdf, then scroll down to page 12) http://www.emra.org/uploadedfiles/emra/publications/em-resident/emra-emres-2014aprilmay-web.pdf Upon finishing residency this June, Dr Daniel will head to Springfield, MA to begin his Wilderness Medicine fellowship through Baystate Medical Center. Congrats Nick!  

The ED Ultrasound Fellowship


The use of bedside ED ultrasound is a critical skill to the EM physician in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of life and limb-threatening injuries.  As the quality of portable machines and variety of its applications have expanded, so has the need for focused quality research and advanced training in the modality.    In response to this need, a number of fellowships in ED Ultrasound exist across the country that are available to EM-trained physicians looking to specialize. We’ve asked UNMC EM Residency alumnus, former chief… Continue Reading

This ain't your mama's HBO…


“It follows then as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious.” – George Washington Rumor has it that George Washington said this very phrase to Dr. Cooper the day he joined the navy.  After finishing his service in the Navy as a submarine medical officer, our very own Jeff Cooper, M.D. took with him his training in Hyperbaric Medicine back to the land-locked state of Nebraska.  Why, you… Continue Reading