Emergency Medicine

ACEP 2013


This October, six senior EM residents and a number of faculty made the trip up to Seattle, WA– home of the 2013 ACEP Scientific Assembly.   We kept busy attending lectures by renowned speakers, playing with new glidescopes/cmacs/insert-awesome-EM-tools-here, hearing the latest in EM research, meeting up with UNMC alumni, and exploring some amazing restaurants, all the while managing to dodge the fish-mongers down at Pike Place.   We were fortunate to have met a number of awesome M3s and M4s at the residency fair, and even managed… Continue Reading

Rope em, Brand em, Cut em

EM docs are often notorious for having a variety of pursuits and hobbies outside of medicine:  Our chairman has his own vineyard.  One particular faculty seemingly goes on expedition across the globe every other week (He and a resident are in Uganda right now!). And then there is 2nd year resident, Paul Travis. Coming out of Colorado, Dr Travis made known his lofty goal to be able to ranch and raise cattle while in residency.  Now, it doesn’t take but a good 30 minutes driving… Continue Reading

July Sim + Procedure Lab

7/31/13.  Mark the date, July EM residents/rotators.  Because this is… Advanced Airway Day. Where every patient needs an airway placed, and you’re the medical professional to do it.  Battle through artificial blood, emesis, and otherwise difficult anatomy as you practice placing both direct and surgical airways on semi-embalmed cadavers in controlled conditions, so that when the stuff hits the fan in the ED, you know exactly what to do. For those of you who are new to the fold and want a little prepping advice,… Continue Reading