Emergency Medicine

Tips for Tots: Eye Injuries

Introduction Some of the most stressful situations encountered in an emergency department have to do with kids. Even the most benign pathologies can become high anxiety encounters and if you throw in a stressed out parent who provides the added benefit of sideline quarterback then you’ve got a real mess on your hands. There are a plethora of review articles that look into the management… Continue Reading

Class of 2015 Graduation – “Legacy and Learning in a Time of Growth”

With the transition from June to July we officially said goodbye to the Class of 2015 and welcomed the Class of 2018 to the UNMC EM family. Below are comments I made at our graduation ceremony this year. We look forward to seeing this new class grow and develop a legacy of their own. After spending a month with them during orientation they are off… Continue Reading


Thrombectomy in Ischemic Stroke Previous studies on intra-arterial treatment for ischemic stroke were not that encouraging, BUT many used non-contrast CT’s instead of CTA and many used alteplase instead of or in addition to mechanical thrombectomy. Recent studies from the NEJM suggest that in patients with a proximal vessel occlusion, thrombectomy has better results than usual care, AKA IV alteplase. All of the studies were… Continue Reading