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Student Update Fall 2012

Blackboard Mobile (No longer free as of 9/10/2012) During the past year, Blackboard Mobile access has been available to faculty, students and staff on smartphones, iPhones, iPad and other mobile devises.  UNMC used the free version which allowed these devices to access Blackboard via ethernet connectivity.  As of  9/10/2012, Blackboard is no longer offering the free option as their contract with Sprint expires.  Institutions have the option of paying a significant annual fee for the whole campus or allow individuals to purchase and use the… Continue Reading

Educational Technology Update Fall 2012

Update on Blackboard, Blackboard Mobile, Echo, Campuspack, Printing and other items Current Version of Blackboard Special Highlights The current version of Blackboard has some particularly useful features that we noted in the spring newsletter.  To reiterate items of particular note for faculty, the following provide significant enhancement. Multi-Course Management – Multi-Section Management & Crosslisting: Multi-Section Management enables instructors to manage their courses (across multiple sections) and communicate across multiple courses. Crosslisting makes it possible for administrators to deliver two or more courses as a single… Continue Reading

UNMC Educational Technology Update – Spring 2012

UNMC Educational Technology Update Spring 2012 3/16/12 Contents Mobile BBMobile UNMC mobile site – m.unmc.edu Blackboard Issues BBMobile Latest Version Campuspack – Blogs and Wikis Campus Classroom and Cluster Computers Recent Updates Summer 2012 Planned Updates and Changes Echo360 – classroom recording system 2012 Educational Technology Presentations, Training and Seminars Mobile BBMobile The Blackboard Mobile free edition is available for use at UNMC.  It can be used using the following methods: WiFi connection for I-devices including ipad, iphone, etc. Using a device connected to the… Continue Reading