UNMC Education Technology

EdTech News Fall 2013

UNMC Education Technology Update – Fall 2013 Blackboard Update UNMC upgraded to the latest version of the campus Learning Management System, Blackboard Version 9 Service Pack 13 in June.  There have been enhancements to various parts of Blackboard and new features have been added with these updates.  The enhancements that are most relevant to the way that UNMC uses Blackboard are enhancements to management of groups, inline grading of assignments, test and survey individualized access capabilities (fyi: a test can be made available just to… Continue Reading

Student Update Fall 2013 – UNMC Student Fall Update from Information Technology Services (ITS)

UNMC Student Fall Update from Information Technology Services (ITS) Welcome new and returning students.  Listed below are a few information technology highlights for 2013-2014. ITS will also be offering two overview presentations on 8/22 from 1:30-2:15 and 2:30-3:15 in 2018 Sorrell bldg (MSC). You can also view the PowerPoint presentation and notes as well as the recorded session here.to assist for the coming year. Use Secured Wireless Network When on the Omaha/Lincoln Campuses Students should use the Secured Wireless Network, called TK-421, when working on… Continue Reading

Blackboard Mobile Conversion Delayed

The conversion to individual pay has been delayed till the week of September 17, 2012, no exact date set as of September 11, 2012.  Once enabled, anyone wanting to use Blackboard Mobile will be required to pay $2/year or $6 for perpetual once the app is launched and can access UNMC’s blackboard content.  The exact mechanism has not been provided yet.  UNMC will update this as soon as it goes live.