UNMC Education Technology

Spring 2014 Update

Blackboard – No updates until summer 2014. There have been no major updates to UNMC educational technology software.  The next updates for Blackboard will occur this summer in late May or June.  Further information will be announced here when the schedule has been set and will include more information about the update. Echo360 Based on user feedback, the Echo360 system was updated on March 17, 2014 to fix both server and playback issues.  The update addressed the server issues and uptime since has increased from… Continue Reading

Blackboard Outage – Sept. 7, 2013

My.unmc.edu is back online after an unplanned outage.  The system is fully back online as of 5:30pm.  The outage began around 10am.  We are investigating what caused it, right now it appears to a problem with the UNMC Enterprise SANS storage system. Sorry for the inconvenience and we continue to explore ways to make this critical campus system as reliable as possible. Daniel Moser

EdTech News Fall 2013

UNMC Education Technology Update – Fall 2013 Blackboard Update UNMC upgraded to the latest version of the campus Learning Management System, Blackboard Version 9 Service Pack 13 in June.  There have been enhancements to various parts of Blackboard and new features have been added with these updates.  The enhancements that are most relevant to the way that UNMC uses Blackboard are enhancements to management of groups, inline grading of assignments, test and survey individualized access capabilities (fyi: a test can be made available just to… Continue Reading