Central States Center for Agricultural Safety & Health

Five Strategies for a Safer Summer on Farms and Ranches in the CS-CASH1 Region

U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) data for 2007-2010 and records of over 125 press clippings about deaths in production agriculture from the summers of 2007 through 2011 suggest five strategies for a safer summer on farms and ranches in the CS-CASH7-state region (IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, and SD): Prevent overturns and prefer ROPS-equipped tractors for mowing and roadside maintenance; Practice safe transport of farm equipment and watch for it when you drive a motor vehicle; Secure raised loads, equipment and parts that can… Continue Reading

Pasture Safety at Calving Time

Articles about pasture safety often address the welfare of animals, but not this one.  This one’s about your safety as a rancher, or livestock producer.  In particular, the focus is on helping you safely through the calving season when your time in the pasture is both “on demand” as well as part of your daily routine.  Annually for the past five years, about 36 million calves were born in the US according to USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates.  More than one-in-four calves were born… Continue Reading

Motor Vehicles Clash with Farm Equipment on Rural Roads

The traffic mix of motor vehicles and farm equipment in rural America is once again growing as planting season unfolds across the Midwest.  Crashes between motor vehicles and farm equipment continue to occur on rural roadways.  Recent crashes in the news include:  24Jan2012       Stockton, IA     Southbound van collided with northbound self-propelled fertilizer  spreader that turned left in front of the oncoming van 22Feb2012      Octavia, NE     Auto rear-ended eastbound tractor with white light to the rear 27Feb2012      Brunswick, NE SUV rear-ended eastbound hay feeder without rear lighting… Continue Reading