College of Public Health Student Association

Meeting Minutes from August 18th, 2014

COPH-SA Meeting Minutes

Location: MCPH Board Room #2020
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Attendees: Emma Frost-Briley, Ketki Patel, Brittany Schwartz, Molly McCarthy, Caryn Vincent, Melissa Leon, and Brenda Nickol

Discussions and Details:

  • Student Senator Introduction and Update:

o   The COPH Student Senators for the remainder of the 2014 term will be Brittany Schwartz, Melissa Leon, and Caryn Vincent. The Student Senator term run for a calendar year, and new elections will be help in November for the 2015 year.

o   College of Public Health has three senate chairs but Dr. Gibbs appoints one member from Student Association to serve on Student Senate. The other two positions are chosen by the student body through a popular vote.

  • Vice President Nominations & Vote

o   Those voting will be Ketki, Molly, Brittany, Caryn, and Melissa – Ketki holds the power to break a tie if one is to occur.

  • Voting results – Vice President is Kelsey Palm

o   New Student Association photo will be taken after school starts as the current photo, shown on the blog, is outdated and many updates/changes in positions have occurred.

o   Ketki will send out an email welcoming new and current students to the 2014-2015 school year, with an updated register of the Student Association and other governing organization within COPH. In addition, she will send personal and private emails to all those who were nominated for Vice President, thanking them and with suggestions on how to stay involved with COPH and SA.

  • Finalize Student Panel Details

o   Student Panel will occur on Thursday, August 21st from 3:15-4:30pm in room 3013 for all new students. The student panel will be Ketki, Molly, Brittany, Caryn, and Melissa. An invite for the student panel will also be sent to Alejandro Hughes as he has done a lot of work within the college and has made many opportunities for himself within Omaha and COPH.

  • Due to online and distance students, Ketki will write down those questions asked by students and they will be posted, with answers, onto the Student Association blog. The blog entry could also be advertised via COPH Facebook for incoming students.

o   Student Association will not need to provide any snacks or refreshments as those will be provided by the college

  • Volunteer Day – Finalize

o   Saturday August 23rd

  • Total of 53 people have registered which is over the goal of 50 people
    • About 33 individuals are volunteering at Habit and 20 are going to be at Together

o   An email will be going out soon to all participants with more details about the event and the details, including a waiver for those participating at Habit

o   Final Details for Set-up and Saturday morning

  • Preparation will start on Friday, 08/22
  • Supplies: Breakfast is being provided by Costco, Student Association is providing t-shirts, and Lunch is being provided by Dr. Gibbs.
  • Stations for Saturday:
    • Brittany and Dr. Gibbs will be handing out t-shirts, Molly and Laura are going to be at the registration table, Ketki and Melissa will be greeters at the entrance
    • Emma, Brenda, and Caryn will be floaters and making sure that everything is running smoothly
  • Schedule for the Event
    • Breakfast will start in Room #3001 around 8:30 am, Caryn is welcoming the dean, Dean is giving a welcoming to the students and then will pass to Brenda who will hand out directions and set-up the carpooling
    • Come back to campus for lunch around noon and will be served inside, third floor atrium
  • Finalize Survey

o   Sent out to all Student Association members

  • Revisions included:
    • First question choices were removed and edited due to time limits
    • Second question : add pet-friendly

o   Send out the survey, via SurveyMonkey – Molly will be in charge of sending out the survey to students. The email needs to be sure to include a quick introduction to the survey and include why we are asking students to take the survey. Must also include why the information is being gathered and how we plan on using it.

  • Rural Health Week

o   Caryn is sending an invite to Paul Moore and once we know more information (about his availability, etc), organizing will start

  • National Preparedness Month is September

o   Just a notification that the Bio-preparedness department may ask the Student Association to help get the events together and may help with advertisement of their events. There are no definite details as of yet and no set roles for Student Association.

Next Meeting –Student Association executives only: September 3rd 1-1:30 pm, in the SA office

Next Meeting – will be open to the COPH student body: September 18th, 12:00 -1 pm COPH Room #3009

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