College of Public Health Student Association

January 18th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

SA Meeting Notes January 18th, 2016 Fundraising Ideas for SA Funds Sustainability Selling t-shirts Having NU Foundation provide general COPH t-shirts to sell during national Public Health Week Bake Sale Restaurant host for COPH 10% of funds toward SA. Having a Class President host social events for their class Facebook group Fall Incoming Students Class Representatives Difficult for the COPH as students come in during… Continue Reading

New Writing Center for Students, Staff, and Faculty!

Attention College of Public Health! As discussed from this past September at the SA Open Meeting and by several requests, UNMC is piloting a Writing Center.   The Writing Center will be located on the sixth floor of Wittson Hall in the McGoogan library.  This center will provide assistance to student, faculty, and staff through any stage of the writing process.  For more information please… Continue Reading

December 3rd, 2015 Meeting Minutes

SA Meeting Minutes December 3rd, 2015   Student Senate Update Student Leadership Forum Student Senate expects us to pay for it. Research Committee Update Provided event updates for abstract submission. Will discuss with Robin about Poster Boards. Discuss last minute social details Tai will handle the set up for the event Hot Chocolate and Tea provided, Pizza Delivered McFarlan, Pursuit of Happiness, 7 Pounds, and… Continue Reading