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Climate Change Youth Leadership Opportunities in the National Park Service

The implications of climate change are challenging and far-reaching, particularly for land managers tasked with protecting the resources of national parks and other protected areas. To meet this challenge, managers need to encourage and make use of the creative and innovative thinking of the next generation of youth scientists and leaders.

The George Melendez Wright Initiative for Young Leaders in Climate Change (YLCC) builds a pathway for exemplary students in higher education to apply cutting-edge climate change knowledge to park management. Through a summer-long internship, undergraduate and graduate students will gain valuable work experience, explore career options, and develop leadership skills under the mentorship and guidance of the National Park Service (NPS). Parks and programs will increase their capacity to understand and respond to climate change and its impacts.

National parks and NPS programs develop and oversee structured projects in one or more of the following interdisciplinary areas: climate change science and monitoring; resource conservation and adaptation; policy development; sustainable park operations; facilities adaptation; and communication/interpretation/education. During the internship, students apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to climate change challenges and communicate with diverse stakeholders. Interns who successfully complete the YLCC, an approved Direct Hire Authority Internship program, will be eligible to be hired non-competitively into subsequent federal jobs once they complete their degree program. These jobs would be in the Department of Interior (DOI), NPS, or one of the other bureaus within the DOI. An intern must qualify for the job in order to be hired non-competitively.

Quick Facts and Deadlines:

The YLCC is managed cooperatively with the University of Washington

• Internship opportunities and application forms are posted on

• Internships are 12 weeks (40 hours/week) during the summer

• Interns are paid $14/hour plus benefits

• Applications are accepted from early December 2014 until late

January 2015

Who was George Melendez Wright?

George Melendez Wright was deeply influential in bringing science to the management of America’s national parks. Working as a naturalist in Yosemite National Park in the 1920s, Wright argued that good science was needed for effective conservation. In 1930, he was appointed Chief of the Wildlife Division for the NPS where he encouraged the agency to embrace science-based approaches to conserving species, habitats, and other natural conditions in the parks. Although he died while he was still a young man, Wright’s legacy lives on in the NPS’s commitment to use the best available science for preserving the resources of our National Parks.

For More Information: See the program website,

DHHS Program Performance Measurement Consultant–Position # 25209005 / Lincoln

To apply, visit and submit completed application on or before closing date of Tuesday 12/09/14.

This position will serve as the Performance Improvement Manager and will focus on improving organizational and program performance at the DHHS – Division of Public Health. The position will also serve as the Accreditation Coordinator to help the Division meet national public health standards and measures.

Key job duties include: Assist in the development and implementation of a performance management system for the DHHS – Division of Public Health. Serve as the Accreditation Coordinator to help the Division of Public Health meet national public health standards and measures and achieve and maintain accreditation status. Work with Division staff and local health departments to conduct quality improvement projects and provide technical assistance to local health departments in conducting community health assessments, setting priorities, conducting evaluations, and implementing evidence-based programs and policies. Additional duties will include: Assist in the implementation of the State Public Health Improvement Plan and the Division of Public Health Strategic Plan by facilitating meetings and coordinating activities with outside partners. Prepare grant applications, monitor grant activity and program budgets, and compile and interpret statistical data to determine program needs and to assess the effectiveness of programs. Prepare related reports and communicate findings to staff and stakeholders.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in a related field plus applicable experience. Master’s degree or above preferred.  PREFER: Candidate hold a Master’s degree in public health, health sciences, public administration, social sciences, or related field with at least 2 years’ experience in facilitation, grant writing, and working with coalitions and local health departments. A minimum of 2 years’ experience with data applications preferred.  OTHER: Valid driver’s license or the ability to provide independent authorized transportation.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities  Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to write and manage grants. Knowledge of, and skill in community health assessment, evaluation, quality improvement, performance management, and planning methods. Detail-oriented; ability to manage multiple projects; critical thinking, coaching, consultation, facilitation and coalition-building skills. Problem solving skills including data interpretation. Basic computer applications.

Nursing Services Surveyor Consultant—Position # 60001089 / Omaha

To apply, visit and submit completed application on or before closing date of Monday 12/01/14.

The Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, is looking for a Nursing Services Surveyor Consultant to join our team. We are looking for someone who has the ability to make complex decisions, communicates effectively and demonstrates professional composure. The successful candidate will have a high personal standard of integrity, display a constant commitment to excellence and share in our mission of “Helping People Live Better Lives.”

REQUIREMENTS: Current Registered Nurse (RN) license in the State of Nebraska or eligibility for the same. Post high school coursework/training in professional nursing AND experience in hospital, public health or nursing administration, teaching or surveying health care facilities.

Community Health Nurse Senior–Position # 25212025 / Lincoln

To apply, visit and submit completed application on or before closing date of Monday 12/01/14.

This position interacts with Immunization Program staff (including other Community Health Nurses); providers participating in immunization programs; as well as other partners and stakeholders (both internal and external) to achieve the goals and objectives of the program. Duties include conducting compliance and assessment site visits of participating providers, assisting providers with education and technical assistance regarding program requirements, updating policies and procedures of the program, and assisting with vaccine management among others.

Research Assistant Coordinator

Project title:  Utilizing Patient Satisfaction Surveys to Improve Hospitalist Physician Performance

Position:  Research Assistant Coordinator

Earliest possible start date:  February 1, 2015 (could be delayed 1-2 months)

Project leader:  Sarah Richards, MD  Interested parties, please apply with an email to

Project duration:  1 year

Hourly wage:  $14/hour

Workload:  15 hours/week

The duties of this position will primarily involve surveying hospitalized patients concerning satisfaction with their inpatient physicians.   The position will involve a moderate amount of work each weekday during the 8 months that surveys are being collected.  The study includes a 4-month pre-intervention survey period, a one month intervention period, and a 4-month post-intervention survey period.  During the survey periods, the research assistant coordinator will be expected to be available 4 hours per day, either in the morning or the afternoon.  We plan to collect just over 500 surveys.  These survey-taking duties will involve extensive face-to-face contact with patients.

In addition to conducting the surveys, the research assistant coordinator will also be asked to oversee and improve the survey-taking methods and procedures.  As part of these oversight duties, we request the development of a process for ensuring complete survey capture.  The process will need to include a method for tracking survey capture and for troubleshooting in the event of incomplete capture.  Oversight duties will also necessarily entail taking responsibility for securely handling and storing study records, electronically and on paper.

Upon completion of data collection, the research assistant coordinator will be provided the opportunity to assist with the production of scholarly works, including analysis of results and authorship of published manuscripts.  The times of day that these academic duties are performed will be more flexible.  For the final 3 months of employment, availability every weekday afternoon will not be required.

Prerequisites for this position include CITI training, basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel, and the freedom to spend time away from the classroom.  We expect this position to require approximately 480 hours over one year.  80 hours is budgeted for management and oversight, 200 hours for survey-taking, and another 200 hours for academic duties.