Public Health Job Opportunities

Program Specialist II-Nutrition Services

Deadline: May 16, 2014

The NE Department of Education is seeking a Program Specialist in Nutrition to complete federally required oversight for local sponsors of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) in Nebraska through administrative reviews and provides consultative services, technical assistance and training to CNP personnel. Helps to assure that local CNPs operate with integrity while providing high quality nutrition programs for Nebraska children. FIXED TERM position with funding until 9/30/2015.

Work will include:

EVALUATION OF REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS – 50% • Provides consultative services and/or technical assistance based on prior audits or reviews and requests from local CNP administrators. • Evaluates regulatory compliance and program quality in regard to CNP administration and food service operations. • Analyzes findings and determines appropriate follow-up action for the CNP sponsor. • Conducts a review exit conference with local CNP management to discuss review findings, commendations, required corrective action and suggestions for program improvement. • Prepares a written report that documents the review results for the CNP program sponsor and NDE’s records. • Monitors review follow-up activities to ensure that the local CNP sponsor properly implements corrective action and provide further oversight and assistance as needed. • Enters results of reviews in Nutrition Services’ Child Nutrition Program (CNP) online system. • Possesses a valid driver’s license, travels independently, and works in a variety of settings such as schools, and community organizations.;

TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – 25% • Assists in planning and conducting workshops and training programs sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education – Nutrition Services. • Responds to emails, calls, and/or written correspondence from program participants requesting information and provides consultative services and/or technical assistance as needed. • Investigates and work to resolve concerns expressed by the public or government officials regarding local operation of the CNPs.;

ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES – 20% • Participates in monthly School Nutrition staff meetings. • Reviews and approves program renewal documents for sponsors. Contacts program participants by phone, email or letter regarding questions or missing information in the application. • Collaborates with Nutrition Services CNP staff to prepare and update NS guidance for sponsors based upon USDA regulations and policies. OTHER DUTIES:

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND CONTINUING EDUCATION – 5% • Represents the Department of Education – Nutrition Services on various committees and organizations. • Participates in all required training provided by USDA and NDE. • Develops and implements plans for ongoing professional growth and continuing education. Activities include training provided by NDE, USDA and professional organizations (e.g. national School Nutrition Association (SNA), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), Nebraska School Nutrition Association (NSNA), Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (NAND), etc.). EXTENT OF PUBLIC CONTACT This position requires extensive contact with school personnel, summer food program personnel and partnering organizations in person, by phone or email. Formal and informal presentations will be required to a variety of audiences. WORKING CONDITIONS & ENVIRONMENT This position requires approximately 40% of work time in the office and 60% of time spent traveling and working in sites such as schools, educational service units, and other service agencies. Local and out-of-state travel is required. Must be able to work flexible hours with occasional overnight stays.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition/Dietetics, Food Service Management, Health Promotion, Public Health or related discipline plus three years of work experience in a professionally related field.

PREFERRED: Master’s degree in related discipline. Bilingual Spanish. Registered Dietitian. Experience working with adult learners.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of menu planning, food purchasing and preparation of foods in the food service environment. Technical program knowledge and standard practices and procedures. Federal and state laws and regulations which impact the assigned work unit’s operation. Organizational structure, functions, goals, policies, and procedures. Office management principles, methods, and procedures. Office equipment and computer software programs. Workings of unit and its policies and practices and related accounting procedures. Overall agency operations and correlation to program parameters. ABILITIES: Strong organization, interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to interpret and apply federal and state policies and regulations. Ability to compile and analyze data. Perform program work with minimal supervision. Interact professionally with administrators, employees, and the public. Apply management practices, techniques, and methodologies, to assigned activities. Collect, assemble, and analyze facts and draw conclusions to recommend solutions to problems. Identify and interpret program requirements, policies, and regulations to provide guidance and advice. Organize and present facts and opinions orally and in writing and to create written materials.

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