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Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator

Deadline: until filled

NE DHHS is seeking an Epidemiological Surveillance Coordinator to be responsible for interpreting, evaluating, and analyzing surveillance data to prepare and disseminate epidemiological reports as required by the Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success grant. This position will provide epidemiological leadership to the Division of Behavioral Health and the Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup.

Coordinate the implementation, administration, design and integration of the Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Surveillance Survey and oversee the overall Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) statewide epidemiological surveillance system by reviewing and modifying SHARP on a continuous basis to improve data quality. Interpret, evaluate, and analyze surveillance data to prepare and disseminate epidemiological reports; identify and analyze the prevalence, trends and risk/protective factors of substance abuse and mental illness; develop and/or recommend prevention and early intervention measures to prevent or reduce the onset of behavioral health disorders and to evaluate quality improvement efforts and cost effectiveness of community prevention programs at the state, regional and local level. Provides epidemiological leadership to the Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup; coordinate data collection and reporting with other workgroup members, public health departments, treatment providers, clinics, state agencies, and law enforcement in the epidemiological surveillance system integration and utilization. Determine the objective, methodology and design; provide expertise and management and evaluation of study protocols and health status questionnaires, sample selection and analysis for epidemiological studies to be conducted in the behavioral health field involving complex data sets, multiple conditions, data set linkage, and utilization of sophisticated statistical analytical software packages. Organize research findings into graphic formats to present a visual summary of the analyzed information for agency staff, project officers, other organizations, and the public. Prepares periodic state and federal reports, and bulletins to meet grant reporting requirements and program programming needs, and to document research findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in epidemiology, public health, biostatistics or other health care related field. Additional training and experience in the application of epidemiological principles and practices is required, including surveillance, investigative techniques, implementation and control measures and evaluation measures, and system design and implementation.

KSA: Knowledge of epidemiological principles and practices related to the surveillance, behavioral health data to be collected and analyzed, statistical tools, epidemiological study methodologies and protocols, and state wide surveillance system structures and operations. Ability to independently design, develop, implement, integrate, and conduct epidemiological systems, models, and studies, conduct analytical studies of system capabilities, analyze complex behavioral health data, prepare studies and reports, and make recommendations to influence prevention planning.

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