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Grand Rounds – Wednesday March 2, 2011

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The UNMC College of Public Health offers a wide range of programs and degrees to provide students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education in public health. Our educational programs are designed for students who wish to pursue different levels and approaches to public health education, including certificate programs–the certificate of public health, professional degrees–the master of public health, specialized academic degrees–the master of science and the doctor of philosophy. We also offer dual degree programs with other colleges at the University of Nebraska.

Our professional certificate and degree programs emphasize solving public health problems by applying multidisciplinary approaches and methods in a professional environment such as local, state or national public health agencies and health care organizations. These degrees are administered on a college-wide basis with specialization in a particular department.

Our academic degrees are designed to prepare students for research roles and settings, with programs that emphasize understanding of theoretical issues and the application of disciplinary methods to the study of public health problems in settings such as academic institutions and research institutes. Academic degrees are offered and administered by each individual department and the University of Nebraska Graduate College.