Facilities Briefs

Munroe-Meyer Inst., (MMI, HBM, HBM Additions 1&2)


On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, a test of the Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), as a component of our emergency power generation, will begin at 7:30 a.m. in MMI, HBM, HBM Additions 1&2 and should be complete by 8:30 a.m..  Please remember that ATS testing can have an impact on all equipment plugged into the red “emergency” outlets, lighting, Air Handling Units, Exhaust Fans, and other equipment connected to emergency power as the transfer switches are shifted into the emergency position and then again as the switch is moved back to “normal”.   This work will not affect “normal” receptacle outlets, computers, and/or lighting that are not connected to “emergency” back-up power.   Air handling units and exhaust fans that serve all levels will be off for two brief periods during the power transfers, but should continue to operate.

Interruption Schedule:

Commence Time:                  Wednesday, March 18, 2015,  7:30 a.m. 

Completion/End Time:          Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 8:30 a.m.                                                             (approximately)

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Monaghan at 402-559-7188, or 402-981-5396 (cell).  Please share this information with others that may need to know.



The driveway between the Academic and Research Services building and the Central Utility Plant will have limited access on the following dates:

  • MARCH 9, 2015 (approx.)   8AM – 5PM
  • MARCH 10, 2015 (approx.) 8AM – 5PM
  • MARCH 11, 2015 (approx.) 8AM – 5AM

There will be moving trucks using this driveway to access the West side of the ARS building to facilitate the relocation of Printing Services to Annex 22, 601 South Saddle Creek Road.  Use and access of this driveway will be limited when the moving trucks are loading equipment and furniture.  There may be two or three trucks in this driveway at any given time.

This will also impact traffic accessing Parking Lot 22U to and from Emile Street

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Sjogren  at 402-559-4505  or email him at msjogren@unmc.edu. Since it is vital that everyone working in and around and/or uses parking lot 22U be aware of  the limited access, please mention this disruption to your colleagues.

Please use caution when walking or driving in and around this area.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation during these times.




Level 6 Utilities – Shutdown
Level 5 – Contractor Access to Rooms/Areas

The construction company, AOI Corporation along with Facilities Management and Planning have scheduled a shutdown to ESH Level 6.  This will affect services to the south labs.  The work will occur on Saturday, February 14, 2015, from 7:00am until 7:00pm.  To do this work, the Contractor will need to shutdown the radiant heat on the south side of ESH.  The work will also require the shutdown of all lab gases, including air, gas and vacuum. The RO water system for the entire ESH building will be turned off during this time.  The Domestic water will be turned off for 2 hours on Level 5 and 6 only.

The contractor will need to access the south area of level 5:

Corridor 5099B                  Lab 5007                Surgery 5006
Corridor 5099A                  Lab 5004                Proc/Cage 5003
Corridor 5099C                 Office/Fume 5005

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Nick Knopik at 402-350-2067.  (click on photo to enlarge)

Eppley Science Hall - Level 5