Facilities Briefs


Excavation work is well underway and the   footprint of the new Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is starting to   take shape. Expect an increase in construction traffic and observe all safety   and directional signage around the site. The following notifications will be   posted as changes occur and we ask that you mention these updates to your   colleagues.

Week of Dec. 9

Phase 1 Road Closure   for Durham Research Plaza (formerly 45th Street)

Beginning the week of Dec. 9, the Phase 1 road closure   for Durham Research Plaza (formerly 45th Street) will be in effect. In order   to facilitate construction of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center,   the campus is required to temporarily close roads adjacent to the project   site. This decision was made in an effort to improve construction site safety   and positively impact the project schedule and budget.

The first phase of   road closures, effective Dec. 9, will deter all access to Durham Research   Plaza between Dewey Avenue and Emile Street. During this time, access to Lot   2 (green patient/visitor parking) will be maintained and construction traffic   will continue. Pedestrians should exercise caution when crossing the road.

The street closure is scheduled to last until June.

Once Durham Research Plaza reopens, road construction   will begin on Dewey Avenue (between 44th and 45th Streets). As a result,   Dewey Avenue will close from June to October 2014.

To assist with   traffic management and to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians,   temporary road closure signage will be posted throughout campus.

street closing- campus view


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Walkway between   Durham Outpatient Center and Durham Research Center Closing

The walkway between   Durham Outpatient Center and Durham Research Center will close effective Dec.   12. Pedestrians are asked to use the new walkway located within Lot 2 (green   patient/visitor parking) garage on level B.

photo walkway-1


45th   street looking east towards Durham Outpatient   Center






New   walkway within Lot 2 parking garage on level B




Please direct all questions to Mike Faber,   University of Nebraska Medical Center Facilities Management & Planning at   559-4503 or Chris Johnson, The Nebraska Medical Center Facilities Management   & Planning at 552-3292.

(from Mallory Car)