Personal study carrel pilot

The McGoogan Library piloted a new service to facilitate study and scholarly research in the library.  Four study carrels were selected on the seventh floor to be furnished with a locked two-drawer filing cabinet, lights, electrical outlet and chair.  All UNMC students were invited to sign up for a drawing to win use of one of the four carrels through the end of the semester.  There were 42 entries for the study carrels, with the four winners representing the College of Medicine. Students who won were asked to complete a short survey on the positives and negatives of having access to a lockable study carrel.  Responses were positive with the students using the filing cabinets for storage of personal items.  They recommended checking out the carrels for a month or less and to be on a first come, first served basis.  The library will continue to explore the value of this new service in the months ahead.

Reserve Study Carrel

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