Where have all the journals gone?

As many of you may have noticed, there are a lot of empty shelves in the library.  Don’t despair!

Through careful budgeting and financial support from campus administration, the library has been able to purchase online access to many of our most used journal titles and subsequently remove these volumes from the shelves.   This has allowed the library to reduce the amount of space needed to house the remaining print volumes.   By the end of December this year, almost all of the library’s circulating print collections will be on the seventh floor.   We also plan on creating more quiet study space on the seventh floor away from the center staircase.

There are several plans being discussed for the empty stack space on the sixth floor, so stay tuned as the McGoogan Library redesigns itself as the library that will continue to meet the needs of our users and support  the education, research, and clinical missions of the UNMC community.


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