Ready for a new school year: books donated to Fontenelle

Students at Fontenelle Elementary School in Omaha had brand new books on their library’s shelves this year, thanks to McGoogan Library fund-raising efforts. Every year since 1999, McGoogan Library staff has raised money to purchase new and replacement books for the elementary school. This year, Ms. Kari Blazek, Fontenelle School librarian, selected $1000 worth of books at The Bookworm bookstore, and McGoogan Library prepared them for the students’ use. The books were delivered over the summer, all set for the first day of school.

The partnership between McGoogan and Fontenelle School libraries is beneficial to both the current elementary students who use the new books to exercise their growing lifelong learning habits, and the McGoogan staff who are eager to give back to their community. The books are appreciated by the Fontenelle School faculty as well as the students. Ms. Blazek said, “Thank you for all of the hard work you and your staff/students put in doing the fundraising. We greatly appreciate the extra books and always look forward to picking out new ones each year.


Left to right: Kari Blazek (Fontenelle librarian), Erin Torell (McGoogan Library), Officer Hancock (OPS Security), and Cameron Boettcher (McGoogan Library)

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