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Note from the Interim Director, Marie Reidelbach

Some may think that when a Director retires, the organization comes to a complete halt.  This is definitely not what is happening at the McGoogan Library of Medicine!  Due to the compression of the print collection and a move to more online journals, space opened up on the sixth floor of the library.  With the campus need for a larger testing center, providing a testing center in the library appeared to be a reasonable idea.  A testing center task force was put into place and a survey of campus needs was initiated.  A visit to another campus library which housed a testing center further reinforced the viability of this idea.  The testing center initiative continues to be at the forefront for possible use of renovated library space.  However, the proposed testing center will not fill all the available space.  Following a faculty/department head brainstorming session, four library task forces related to space planning were established.  The task forces included:  1) Faculty Development Space Production; 2) Collaborative and Flexible Group Space;  3) Writing Center;  and 4) Tutoring Center.  All groups were given a charge to investigate other library websites of UNMC’s Peer Institutions as well as the Big 10 Universities to ascertain whether they offer similar services from their libraries or institutions.  A final summary of all the task forces will be forthcoming.

One task force seeing its efforts completed soon is the implementation of a combined Circulation/ Reference service desk.  A pilot was done in 2010 supporting the idea of combining the two desks into one.  With the increased workload of the reference librarians, and the limited day staff for the Circulation Department, combining staff and work functions into one location was essential.  A task force met to put the plan into action, visited other libraries, researched the literature, and established core competencies  for Circulation and Reference staff to acquire after training. The combined service desk will be in place by the end of October 2013.

It has been a busy summer and early fall, but from my viewpoint, I could not be more pleased with the Library faculty and staff.  They all stepped up to the plate to work on projects, covered for one another with limited staff in some areas, and have retained a positive outlook toward the future.  I have been very pleased to serve as the Interim Director for this brief time and continue to look forward to a bright future ahead under new leadership.

New McGoogan Library director announced

Reprinted with permission from the UNMC Today.

Emily McElroy will be the next director of the McGoogan Library of Medicine.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dele Davies, M.D., announced the appointment Tuesday. McElroy will begin her new position on Dec. 16.

“Emily brings a very special set of management, leadership and interpersonal skills to UNMC which should help us build upon the excellence for which the McGoogan Library is known,” Dr. Davies said.

“Having worked in a leadership role at another large and well established academic health center, Emily understands the importance of joint planning and effective communications with faculty, students and staff from different disciplines.”

McElroy is the associate university librarian for content management and systems at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), where she has worked since 2007.

“I am delighted to be joining the UNMC community and welcome the opportunity to work with its outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni,” McElroy said. “The McGoogan Library has an amazing team of librarians and staff and a rich tradition of providing excellent service. This is the foundation upon which we will develop new programs and services.”

As a member of the senior management team, McElroy has helped to oversee collection development, digital collections, scholarly communication and electronic resources including systems.

Prior to OHSU, McElroy was head of library acquisitions at New York University. She also has held positions at the University of Oregon and Loyola University’s Health Sciences Library. She is a nationally recognized speaker on the management of library resources. An active member of many professional organizations, McElroy has served on advisory boards for major publishers.

“Her strong experiences in inter-institutional alliances for the purposes of procurement of digital collections will be very valuable for successful resource management in the era of the library’s increasing role as an information management, analysis and support unit to our campus and community,” Dr. Davies said.

McElroy graduated from DePaul University with a B.S. in history and from Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science in Illinois with a master’s degree in library and information science in 1999.

McElroy also said that as a native Midwesterner, she was pleased to be closer to friends and family.

“UNMC has offered me an ideal situation, and I am eager to begin working with you all!”

Dr. Davies also thanked Marie Reidelbach, who has served as interim director of the library since the retirement of Nancy Woelfl, Ph.D., on June 30.