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August 26, 2013

Dear UNMC College of Nursing students, faculty, and staff,

Welcome to the 2013-14 academic year! On behalf of our faculty and staff members, I would like to share with our students how pleased we are to be part of your academic journeys and thank you for choosing UNMC College of Nursing as your academic home. Whether you are in the BSN program, the MSN program, or the DNP or PhD program, you will be working with faculty members who are experts in their fields, who have a passion for teaching, conducting research, and engaging in the very best evidence-based clinical practice. Our staff members are highly talented professionals who love working with students and faculty and supporting your educational and research goals. Please call upon any of us to assist you as you progress through your curricula.
And to our faculty members – some of you are returning from the summer break in the academic calendar while others of you have continued your work, whether teaching a course, conducting research, or practicing clinical nursing – or all three! Most of our wonderful staff members have been here all summer and I can tell you that the support they provide and fresh ideas and insights help keep our “academic engine” moving forward. We are so privileged to be in nursing at this point in our history. So many of the fundamentals of health care reform are related to excellent nursing care, whether in the hospital, a primary care clinic, long term care, home care, or community-based care – or across all of these sites as in transitional care. As we begin this new academic year I know each of us is reflecting on our goals for growth, discovery, self-knowledge, and knowledge that will improve our world. With the talent, dedication, and seriousness of purpose each of you brings to this work, I know the year will be a great one and I welcome you to the journey!

Julie Sebastian
Dean, UNMC College of Nursing

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