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The Hokie Pokie

Yesterday, I felt, was one of the hottest days.  Bubu said it was over 104 degrees; it’s no wonder I was sweating profusely after doing the hokie pokie with some preschoolers.  I had the lucky chance to stop by a school in a small village called Ranapur.  When I entered the classroom, it was very quiet.  The teacher and the health worker were trying to get the students to sing songs for me, but they wouldn’t.  Finally, the cutest girl got up and did some version of the hokie pokie, which obviously inspired me to teach our version of it.  The last child we visited yesterday was crazy hyper.  I’ve never seen a kid act as he did; he try to hit me and spit on me-I couldn’t believe it!  His mother and brother would try to grab him and he would fight them off.  I was glad when we left :)

Tomorrow after field work, I will be traveling to Rourkela for 8 days.  Today, I have been preparing to leave.  I did laundry this morning and went to the grocery store to get some crackers.  It should be quite the adventure.


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One thought on “The Hokie Pokie

  • Really enjoyed reading your blogs Lisa. Such an adventure. We will be in Johnstton for Easter week end. Not sure if you will still be globe trotting then or if we will see you. If you are home, please bring photos and things from your trip…xxo Liz