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February 21st

This morning when I met with Dr. Panigrahi, he told me that he came to my room last night.  The day before he had told me that at midnight, for the holiday, someone climbs to the top of the temple.  He is given land for this and his only job, once a year, is to climb the temple for the celebration.  People fast until then.  Unfortunately, I had my headphones on and was reading a book, so I didn’t hear him come to get me to go watch.  Ugh, that would have been awesome to see!  I was a little disappointed, but today has been great.  Met with Bijay who I will be working close with, especially when Dr. Panigrahi leaves.  We are hoping to put on a training session for the field workers to go over the questionnaires.  I’m looking forward to that.  This morning I went on a quick walk to check out my surroundings.  It was dusty and reminded me a lot of the walk I used to take to school when I lived in Liberia.  A man who works here walked with me; he didn’t speak any English.  He took me to a grocery store.  They had Hershey’s chocolate and oreos and some ice creams and chips!  I will definitely be going back there.  Everyone told me that I could buy things over here like shampoos and soaps and etc. cheaper, but I packed everything.  I guess that’s the preparedness in me.  Dr. Pangrahi told me about a concert the 23rd.  It’s with an Indian man who now lives in LA and comes here only once a year to perform.  Dr. Pangrahi has seen him before so hopefully we can go to that.

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