A Day in the Life at UNMC

Why I give to the United Way

Today I’d like to introduce my blog family to one of my actual family members. Meet my Aunt Donna. Aunt Donna has Multiple Sclerosis, or MS for short. We’ve been close all my life. She’s my Godmother, my seamstress and was my pen pal all through college (yes, we wrote actual letters). Over the years, whenever I would ask how’s she was doing, she never complained, but just said: “Just stiff today, Nic…just stiff.” Because of her ability to focus on the positive, I’d never… Continue Reading

Some help through a sad birthday

I’m out of the office today celebrating my 30th birthday. Exactly four years ago on this day, I didn’t have much to celebrate. I spent the morning of my 26th birthday on the fourth floor of Swanson Hall here at UNMC, in tears. It was 2008. Just two weeks prior to that day, I was expecting a baby. A miscarriage at seven weeks took away my mother-to-be title. Never having had the chance to share the good news with my family (we were waiting until… Continue Reading

UNMC on the Road

We like to say the UNMC campus is 500 miles wide. Sure, there are locations in Scottsbluff, Kearney, Lincoln and Norfolk, but it’d be a tad bit impractical to build an affiliate in every city. Instead, we take UNMC on the road each year with the Chancellor’s out-state trip, the UNMC Speakers Bureau and most recently, the Nebraska State Fair. A few folks from the Public Relations team, along with representatives from the HEROES program, the College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, Eppley Cancer Center,… Continue Reading

Luckey and Good: My Day with a Primary Care Doc

Earlier this year, U.S.News and World Report ranked UNMC No. 6 in primary care education. In an effort to explain the importance of “primary care” on the health care continuum, we felt it was important to “show” not “tell” what those two words mean. What is life like for a primary care provider? What are the benefits and drawbacks of practicing primary care in a rural area? I set to find out earlier this summer by spending the day shadowing family medicine doctor and UNMC… Continue Reading

Acclimating to America: International Student Orientation Fun

He’s from Tokyo. She’s from Indonesia. He will study bio statistics. She will study emergency preparedness. Following graduation, he plans to stay here. She plans to return home. Masayuki Takizawa and Dewi Ningsih are both new students in the College of Public Health. They couldn’t be more different. And yet alike at the same time. They were here on Monday and Tuesday for the International Student Orientation, an inaugural event at UNMC that brings together new students from the countries of China, India, Egypt and… Continue Reading