A Day in the Life at UNMC

B&F is going to pump(kin) you up!


Look at the Jack-o-lantern above. Spooky and brand-compliant! The world’s scariest walrus. We bring you this picture, and others, because Business and Finance recently held a pumpkin-carving contest. No, scratch that. Business and Finance held a PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST. This was not your average Halloween contest. This wasn’t just a zigzag smile in an orange gourd. These people really went all-out. Consider a few of the contenders … Imagine you thought you’d entered a pumpkin-carving contest, and found out you were going up against THIS…. Continue Reading

Dan Brick lays the foundation for realistic simulation

Dan Brick gives himself a hand.

First things first. We’re not talking about a real baby. Let’s make that clear right away, because it looks like a real baby. And those are not real wounds. That’s good, because they look like real wounds. They look like a horrible dog bite. They look so realistic that medical students have turned away. But no dog put these fake wounds on this not-real baby. Dan Brick did. No, Brick is not a werewolf. He’s the standardized patient coordinator in the College of Medicine’s simulation… Continue Reading

Dr. Maurer and his patient: Their work lives on

Stephen Smith had Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was a kid. He re-connected with the doctor who helped save his life, and with Mrs. Maurer, at a University of Nebraska Foundation event earlier this year.

In the past year or so, Stephen Smith has been thinking a lot about his old friend and former doctor, Harold M. Maurer, M.D. They’re each about to enter new phases in their lives, Smith said. Dr. Maurer, of course, is wrapping up his tenure after 15 years as chancellor at UNMC. Smith was one of those kids Dr. Maurer had helped cure of rhabdomyosarcoma, a then-incurable childhood cancer, many years ago: “I’ve been really blessed with an amazing life.” But now, some 40 years… Continue Reading

My ‘Hercules Hypothesis’ will bring fame, funding to UNMC

And, on top of that, he got to hang out with Xena, Warrior Princess.

Every so often, UNMC Today editor John Keenan will poke his head around the corner and ask, “Do you have any story ideas for Wellness Wednesday?” Dude, you just caught me “shotgunning” a Diet Coke. Do I LOOK like I have any story ideas for Wellness Wednesday? But now it occurs to me that I do have an idea for a fitness activity. It comes from a story that I heard as a kid, about Hercules, the superhero of Greek mythology. It seems that Hercules… Continue Reading

How Healthy U saved my life: Part II


Penni Davis is a grant protocol associate who has been at UNMC for 14 years. She is a mother of two and has been married to her husband – “a wonderful man,” Penni says – for almost 30 years. On June 14, Penni and her husband Sean met with Justin Westervelt, M.D., to get the results of her kidney biopsy. The report was not good . . . June 14, 2013: The diagnosis: IgA nephropathy with acute kidney failure. What?!!! My kidneys were only functioning… Continue Reading