A Day in the Life at UNMC

Camp Munroe verdict: 'I love having fun'

I’m sitting at my desk writing. My son is sitting at my desk, drawing and answering questions from my co-workers. It’s Friday afternoon, and because of a child-care scheduling snafu, I’ve picked Tommy up from his last day at the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Camp Munroe and brought him back to the office. How was camp? “It was good.” What did you do? “I don’t know, but it was good.” Eventually, through skillful questioning by my supervisor Karen (a former newspaper reporter with an apparent flair for… Continue Reading

A Day in the Life . . . Kicking back at McGoogan

If you’re going to ask for a feature story on reclining chairs, the best time to do it would probably be a slow day during a slow week – the kind of “just before the holiday” Tuesday during which a reporter might think, “I wouldn’t mind sitting in a recliner for a couple of minutes.” So that’s when Marie Reidelbach, interim director of the McGoogan Library of Medicine – demonstrating her news savvy – sent me her e-mail. The library has just upgraded its recliner… Continue Reading