A Day in the Life at UNMC

A Day in the Life . . . The science of friendship

“Are you my friend?” That’s my son Tom’s pickup line. He uses it most often on the playground when he wants to connect with another kid. Needless to say, most kids think the question — coming in a slightly sing-song tone from a boy they’ve never met before — is a little weird. Most kids think my son is a little weird. My son is at Camp Munroe for the next two weeks. He’s 7, and this will be his first time at the camp… Continue Reading

A speaker that's out of this world

If you’re going to see an astronaut, you want him to wear the jumpsuit. You just do. Clayton Anderson knows this. And the man came through. As he strode through the Truhlsen Events Center to sit for a group photo at the 2013 UNMC orthopaedic surgery residency graduation, he wore the iconic blue jumpsuit. No doubt there was an astronaut in the room. “Did they let you keep that?” I asked him. “Or did you just stuff it in a bag on the way out?”… Continue Reading

This time capsule's all wet

Going all the way back to the days of the tombs of the pharaohs – or at least going back to that time Geraldo Rivera broke into Al Capone’s vault – mankind has been fascinated by time capsules. It’s innate in us: What treasures lie buried which were left by those who came before? And so it was that a group of us recently gathered in a parking lot, eager to gaze upon the contents of a metal box. It had been unearthed from beneath… Continue Reading